Pascagoula, Mississippi

Mississippi Barrier Island Restoration Sand Search

AVS Role: Geotechnical Consulting, Vibracore Sampling, Laboratory Analysis and Reporting

Project objectives were to establish geotechnical characteristics from a potential offshore borrow area near Petit Bois Island and Horn Island Pass, with the intent to restore shore marshes and barrier islands offshore Mississippi.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilized our research vessel, M/V Thunderforce, vibracore equipment and crew for vibracore sampling operations offshore Mississippi
  • Provided support crew boat for project support
  • Utilized our large pneumatic coring machine and a penetrometer for measurement of coring advance rates and penetration depths
  • All vibracoring performed in “live boat” mode
  • Collected vibracore samples to 20 feet below sea floor at 230 locations
  • Split and turned over all collected cores to the client for onboard logging, photo-documentation and sampling  
  • Submitted the final report per project specifications
Pascagoula-Mississippi Pascagoula-Mississippi