Bonita Beach, Florida

Vibracore Project

AVS Role: Vibracoring, Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis, Reporting

American Vibracore Services conducted vibracore sampling operations offshore Bonita Beach/Lovers Key, Florida. The project area was located offshore between beach monument markers R-204 and R-214 in Big Carlos Pass near Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key, and offshore between R-221 and R-224 in New Pass near Bonita Springs in Lee County, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, in Class III Waters.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilized vibracore equipment and crew for conducting vibracoring operations in two areas on Big Carlos Pass ebb shoal and one area on New Pass ebb shoal
  • A 28’ shallow draft vessel equipped with a 4,000 pound winch, spuds and an A-frame were used as the coring platform
  • Utilized our AVS 7 electric vibracore machine with 3” diameter core tubes
  • Locations were taken with a Trimble GeoXT DGPS
  • A penetrometer recorded all coring data
  • Collected 17 vibracores at the specified locations
  • Laboratory testing included grain size analysis, calcium carbonate content, post calcium carbonate grain size analysis, visual shell content and Munsell color designation
  • Summarized field operations in a brief report
  • Reporting and analysis included field logs, penetrometer reports, photographs, core logs, gradation curves to current FDEP standards
  • The collected cores were delivered to the client for additional analysis