Breton Island, Louisiana

U.S. Geological Survey Sediment Vibracore Sampling

AVS Role: Vibracoring, Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis

The study area was located in southeastern Louisiana offshore of Breton Island, in the Gulf of Mexico. Breton Island provides habitat for colonies of nesting wading birds and seabirds, as well as wintering shorebirds and waterfowl. Waterfowl winter near the refuge islands and use the adjacent shallows, marshes, and sounds for feeding and for protection during the inclement weather. The island experienced severe erosion with Hurricane Katrina and during the 2005 hurricane season. Oil from the Deep Water Horizon accident adversely impacted nesting birds and their habitats.

Our responsibility was the collection of marine sediment vibracores at 52 locations around Breton Island. The purpose of the project was to provide base level geologic and morphologic information to support the restoration of bird habitats.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilized our research vessel, M/V Thunderforce, vibracore equipment and crew for vibracore sampling operations offshore Breton Island
  • Utilized our large pneumatic coring machine and a penetrometer for measurement of coring advance rates and penetration depths
  • Collected vibracore samples that were a minimum of 20 feet in length, in water depths ranging from approximately 5 to 50 feet, with vessel capable of maintaining constant position while vibracoring in 3 to 5 foot seas
  • Provided all core barrels and ancillary coring materials
  • Submitted the final report per project specifications