Safety Culture

safety matters

Our employees are the most valuable asset of our company, and we are committed to protecting them from occupational injury and illness. Accidents not only cost time and money, but most of all, they cause suffering and loss of life. Our comprehensive safety manual is part of our commitment to create a safe workplace.

Everyone’s assistance is needed to ensure that our HS&E (Health, Safety and Environment) program protects both themselves and those around them. It is each individual’s responsibility to work safely and to report any condition that may cause an accident to their supervisor. Our AVS personnel are required to exercise Stop Work Authority when they identify any situation they believe pose an unacceptable Safety, Health or Environmental risk.

Compliance with the Safety Manual is mandatory for all personnel. Their cooperation in making our work place safer is important and appreciated. The AVS Safety Policy requires that all operations be conducted in a safe manner and in an environmentally friendly manner.

All of our personnel are expected to share concerns for Health, Safety and Environmental.

Our Basic Safety Principles

  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Each team member is expected to give consideration to the prevention of injury to self and to co-workers.
  • Involvement and thinking of all people in the safety process is valued and expected.
  • Continual improvement is the goal.
  • Individuals and teams must be recognized for their adherence to and advancement of safety.