What is Vibracoring?

PDP 070

Vibracoring is the state-of-the-art sediment sampling methodology for retrieving continuous, undisturbed cores. Vibracorers can work in a variety of water depths and can retrieve core samples at different lengths depending on sediment lithology and project objectives.

The principal behind a vibracore is the development of high frequency, low amplitude vibration that is transferred from the vibracore head down through the attached barrel or core tube. This vibrational energy, liquefies sediments, enabling the core barrel attached to the vibracore unit to penetrate into the liquefied sediments.

A core catcher is attached to the end of the barrel which holds the sediment inside the barrel when withdrawn from the sediments. A variety of vibracore units are available. Some are small, lightweight and portable, others are large heavy units that can only be deployed from large vessels.