Fort Pierce, Florida

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AVS Role: Vibracoring, Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis, Reporting

American Vibracore Services, Inc. (AVS) conducted vibracore sampling operations offshore Fort Pierce, Florida. A total of 18 vibracores were collected. Cores were then analyzed per FDEP guidelines, and a report of the findings was prepared.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilized our research vessel, M/V Thunderforce, vibracore equipment and crew for vibracore sampling operations
  • Utilized our large pneumatic coring machine and a penetrometer for measurement of coring advance rates and penetration depths
  • All cores were transported to our U.S. Army Corps of Engineers certified lab, where they were split logged, photographed, sampled and preserved
  • Laboratory testing was conducted in the form of grain size analysis, calcium carbonate content, post calcium carbonate grain size analysis, visual shell content and Munsell color designation
  • Submitted penetrometer logs, vibracore logs, photo documentation and laboratory analysis results in gINT format