American Vibracore would like to congratulate Captain Chuck Avery for 7 years of service aboard the M/V Thunderforce.

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AVS: Helping Out and Re-Building Along the East Coast After Hurricane Sandy


Delray Beach, Florida – After damage was created by Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast states, American Vibracore Services (AVS) was contracted to identify potential beach sources of sand in proximity to coastal areas for beach reclamation and for restoring natural areas that had eroded.  Using vibracore samples and grab samples, AVS conducted extensive sand samplings off the coast of eleven East Coast states from July until December of 2015.

The AVS m/v Thunderforce, an 85-foot research vessel based in Fort Pierce, Florida, served as the vibracore and grab sample collection platform. Built in 1980, the M/V Thunderforce is a steel-hulled vessel with a draft of 2.1 m. and a gross tonnage of 98 tons.  The target sampling locations were determined after an extensive review of internal and external databases (including but not limited to U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), BOEM, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and various state agencies and academic institutions). The study area was located from 5.6 kilometers (3 nautical miles) offshore to 14.8 km (8 nautical miles) offshore from U.S. coastlines on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) within water depths of 30 meters. OCS sand sources are limited to 30 m of water.

This was part of the overall comprehensive plan to conduct the Inventory of Potential Beach Nourishment and Coastal Restoration and Reclamation Sand Sources on the Atlantic Outer Continent Shelf of the United States.

Map-11 States

Ecosystems in Mind

Great care was taken throughout the investigation and the M/V Thunderforce conducted all sampling “live boat” instead of anchoring to prevent any damage to the sea floor or to environmental resources. Restrictions were put on the sampling time and sound levels to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale. Geophysical surveys were conducted to the maximum extent practicable, so that no active acoustic sources operating below 30 kHz (a conservative estimate of the upper hearing threshold for North Atlantic Right Whales) would be used in the Northeast critical habitat.

The Re-building Continues

The AVS piece of the project was just one part of a major re-build of the coastline from Florida to Maine. Using state-of-the-art sampling technology, AVS provided helpful data about the soil quality, resources and best ways to restore the coast.

About AVS

American Vibracore Services is a leader in the offshore/onshore geotechnical drilling, vibracoring and marine support services industry.  With projects from Maine to Florida to the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean, AVS has accommodated many different geotechnical projects. AVS has extensive equipment to get jobs done, whether large or small, including the 85’ foot research vessel, the M/V Thunderforce, a shallow draft vessel, multiple vibracore machines, MCPT equipment and other resources.  


About the Post-Hurricane Sandy Shoreline Re-Building

With half of all Americans living near the ocean, Hurricane Sandy provided a wake-up call for state and municipal authorities in coastal areas nationwide. Governors along the Eastern coastline pledged a new generation of storm-resistant infrastructure. Sandy wrought a 1,000-mile trail of damage in towns and cities along the East Coast shoreline. As climate change continues to intensify, more severe storms and storm surges, rising seas, extreme heat, and other destructive impacts are predicted to strike.


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