AVS Services Intro

ViviCam 6300

AVS can perform offshore and onshore geotechnical drilling. We are experienced in vibracoring, geotechnical services, lab services and offshore marine support. Thanks to a top-performing team and extensive equipment, we can accommodate a wide range of jobs, under the direction of a Professional Geologist or Professional Engineer.


Vibracoring is a technology for collecting core samples of underwater sediments and wetland soils. The vibrating mechanism of a vibracorer, sometimes called the “vibrahead”, operates on hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical or electrical power from an external source. The attached core tube is driven into sediment with the use of gravity, enhanced by vibration energy. When the insertion is completed, the vibracorer is turned off, and the tube is withdrawn with the aid of hoist equipment. AVS has a variety of tools to meet your needs.


AVS can provide both land and marine-based drilling. Geotechnical drilling is often related to the construction of a structure, such as a building or an oil rig. It can be part of the construction process as well as part of the investigation process conducted on site before the structure is built. Drilling is used to take core samples and to gather data about the site. AVS has the capabilities to perform Vibracoring, SPT Testing, CPT Testing, Shelby Tube Sampling and Wire Line Coring services.

Lab Services

Our certified state-of-the-art lab can perform a variety of services. AVS has the expertise to visually log and photo document cores. We can conduct a variety of laboratory test methods at our U.S. Army Corps of Engineers certified lab.

Offshore Marine Support

The M/V Thunderforce, an 85-foot research vessel, is Coast Guard Certified for “All Oceans” and is ready to assist on any marine operation. AVS has extensive equipment to assist your project needs.


Commercial Price List (Updated September 10, 2016)

Service Rate
Geophysicist $110.00 per hour
Professional Engineer $105.00 per hour
Professional Geologist $105.00 per hour
Ship Captain $100.00 per hour
Certified Well Driller $100.00 per hour
Project Manager $80.00 per hour
First Mate $80.00 per hour
Project Engineer $80.00 per hour
Contracts Manager $80.00 per hour
Staff Engineer $70.00 per hour
Staff Geologist $70.00 per hour
Senior Field Sampling Technician $65.00 per hour
Vibracore Technician $65.00 per hour
Safety Officer $65.00 per hour
Environmental Scientist $65.00 per hour
Environmental Technician $65.00 per hour
Deckhand $45.00 per hour
Driller’s Helper $30.00 per hour
Draftsman $30.00 per hour
Administrative Assistant $30.00 per hour
Vessel (90’ Research) $5,000.00 per day
Vessel (29’ Shallow Draft) $1,800.00 per day
Mobilization $210.00 per hour