South Marsh Island, Louisiana

Geotechnical Field Investigation

To further develop Chevron’s well sites offshore Louisiana, geotechnical investigations were conducted to acquire additional information on subsurface soil and foundation conditions at the proposed structure locations.

Scope of Work:

  • Investigated soil conditions at the proposed structure locations
  • Developed engineering design parameters and compute axial pile information
  • Gathered soil resistance-pile deflection (p-y) data for lateral load analyses
  • Explored the subsurface stratigraphy by obtaining soil samples (via rotary core drilling) for laboratory testing, to 197 feet below the seafloor near the locations
  • Conducted laboratory tests to evaluate the pertinent index and engineering properties of the foundation materials
  • Performed engineering analyses to develop pile design information for two proposed caisson sizes
South-Marsh-Island-1 South-Marsh-Island-2